1. BulletBespoke and tailored sound creation, music composition, production, supervision of any project,

     event, space, movie, which need sound (for Film, TV, Radio, Website, Artist exhibition…)

  1. BulletSound Brand Identity (Brand, Shop, Firm, Logo)

  2. BulletAudio Consulting (Sound creation and original music, sound staging for any venue,

     home-cinema setting up)

  1. BulletStereo & 5.1 recording

  2. Bullet5.1 & 3D Sound Mixing Studio

  3. BulletPortable Avid Pro tools Digital Audio Workstation (for «on-site» creation)

Fashion Show music

3 musical composition in the “Le Corbusier’s church“

...the church’s concrete dome has 17 secondes of natural reverberation !

©2009 Sphere of Creation

(Credits with Aurélie Sivaciyan)

Les Elémentaux
Multichanel sound design performance
Biennale du Design de Saint-Etienne
Creative Direction / Sound Artist
©2010 Sphere of Creationhttp://youtu.be/k8SPTnVQxQA
The HypeNoses (perfumed candles) 
re-creation of the very specific sound of the wooden wick’s burning
©2010 Sphere of Creationhttp://youtu.be/XdTWpqVsB1c
Raving Rabbids (Les lapins crétins)
- Sound Design 
©2012 Ubisoft
«Hysterical mama
Dax Rider’s first video
- Sound design & FX
©1999 Dax Rider’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vT7_hdmTRk4
“Airplane dress“
Echoform exhibition - New York 1999/2000 - 
- Sound design 
©2000 Marcus Thomlinson & Hussein Chalayanhttps://vimeo.com/200197118
STreet ART in Gallery
Street Art movie
- Film Director/Music composer/Sound design/mix
©2013 Sphere of Creation https://vimeo.com/62863012
“The Twelve Dreams Of the Sun“
Jean-Michel Jarre‘s “The Pyramid Milenium Concert” at the greats Pyramid of Cairo, from sunset to sunrise january 1st, 2000
- “The End of the 20th Century Countdown“ - 100 secondes of pure Sound Design
(credits with Joachim Garraud)https://vimeo.com/91084782
Covered with Chocolate
Tolerance Stop-Motion Animation
Nominated for the "Golden Bear" at the International Film Festival Berlin 2001
- Sound Design (credits with Jan Doddema)https://vimeo.com/200197118
“Music industry after brexit”
Digital documentary
- Video editing, mixing & original music
©2017 Sphere Of Creationhttps://vimeo.com/244109898
Princes et Princesse (extract)
Animated Movie by Michel Ocelot
- Sound Design
©2000 Les Armateurs/Studio O/La Fabrique/Gebeka
“The Grime formula”
Digital documentary
- Video editing, mixing & original music
©2017 Sphere Of Creationhttps://vimeo.com/244122080
- Film Director/Music composer/Sound design/mix
©2012 Sphere of Creationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=22&v=HO6-MjlrXUI

© 1998 - 2018 Sphere of Creation